Stay Informed and Talk It Up

Periodically read our updates on the website or (request to join our closed Yale Chicago Community Service Facebook group) and speak with your Yale friends about this project. Maybe they will get involved or bring us a great idea or connection.

Donate Your Time, Long or Short

  • Collect, seek out furniture and kitchen items or buy toiletries in the month before we furnish an apartment for a newly arriving family. We plan to furnish an apartment annually, probably in mid November each year (including this one!), allowing the family to settle before the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Donate to the Yale Club of Chicago for furniture purchase or you can donate to RefugeeOne, our partner organization.  We are issuing an annual appeal to ask 100 area alumni to please donate $30 each to come up with the funds needed to resettle a displaced or persecuted family into a new home.

  • Help clean, move collected furniture into the apartment and decorate/organize a week or two before the family arrives.
  • Meet the family at the airport with cheers and grins when they arrive in their foreign new homeland.
  • Cook them their first meal at home. You are also welcome to greet them with a smile as they enter their newly furnished apartment and serve it up!
  • Stock the fridge and pantry! Supply the family with their first or second week of groceries.
  • Mentor a member of the refugee family on a weekly basis for 6 committed months, as a team or solo.
  • Collect gently used or new winter clothing any time of year. You can give it to a community service committee member to store. (coats, boots hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, sweaters) If we have a surplus we will give the clothing to other refugee families in need.
  • Collect school supplies. Your Yale Club of Chicago community service club members will take a collected stash any time of the year. (Backpacks, pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons, markers, etc) If we have a surplus, we will donate to other refugee families in need.

Donate to our Partner in this Project

RefugeeOne has been a wonderful partner organization. Aside from our latest 6 month apartment furnishing, co-sponsorship and mentoring/befriending of our first refugee family, we have been running Day of Service events with them for the last 4-5 years. They are very helpful in giving us advice on mentoring needs and are a reliable resource when we have had concerns or questions. We hope to continue working with refugees in partnership. Should you choose to donate, it would be excellent if you tag funds to go toward the Yale Club of Chicago project. In this way the money can go directly to our sponsored family and your contribution would aid in the multitude of necessary resettlement expenses experienced in the family’s first year, the costs of which are only partially federally funded. (new mattresses and bed linens, CTA transportation tickets, rent, food, computer workshops, language lessons, etc) If you mark the funds as dedicated to our project, we will also be better able to assess the effect of our volunteer impact as a group. Go to www.refugeeone.org to read more about our partner and/or donate.

Email [email protected] with any questions on volunteering, item donations, comments or ideas. Also, request to join our closed Facebook group, Yale Chicago Community Service, to receive active updates and to post commentary.

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